About Us

Quantumwear is an online clothing store that offers you cosmic and unique clothing because, for us, everything is cosmic and unique!

The main inspiration for Quantumwear comes from comic books, novels, myths, and pro wrestling. As a child, I enjoyed reading heroes from comic books to pro wrestling and older stories from different genres. Heroes from these stories were to be an excellent inspiration for this business.

However, as I got older, I began to get deep into characters from cartoons and larger than life WWF and WCW wrestlers as real heroes and villains. The thought of combining heroes from comic books, pro wrestling, and different characters from novels, myths, and also science legends all into one metafiction, to me, was going to be a great idea and inspiration for the creation of T-shirts. This would be cool to design them out on paper hence be the background for T-shirts or Comics.

For me, this was big because it would entail transferring images of heroes from reading books and novels in real life as I would enjoy seeing people in T-shirts inspired by the heroes. Unfortunately, as time passed by, I forgot about this beautiful idea.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, people started purchasing things online, including clothes, more than ever now. Thus, I thought about bringing my work to the world and designing shirts and other stuff with the world and joining the online stores that would bring buyers convenience during these challenging times.

People like screen print T-shirts, especially kids, men, and women. We all like images that catch our eyes. It is, therefore, our pride at Quantumwear to offer you the best T-shirts. At Quantumwear, we provide you with a wide variety of T-shirts, which come in various designs, colors, and sizes.